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Wine Glasses Hanging from Rack

White Wine By Glass

Chardonnay; Coastal Vines, Sonoma 

Hint of cream, nectar and fresh fruit
Glass 13
Bottle 49

Pinot Grigio;  Italy
Ripe fruit with elegant aromas
Glass 13
Bottle 49

Sauvignon Blanc 
Soft mouthful of bright pear and apple fruit
Glass 13
Bottle 49

Light with fresh strawberry flavors
Glass 13
Bottle 49

Prosecco; Italy 
Glass 13
Bottle 49

Moscato, Italy 
Sparkling, sweet
Glass 13
Bottle 49

Red Wine By Glass

Sangria Red

 Ripe fruit, cherries, peaches

Glass 13

Chianti; Tuscany
Ruby red; intense, cherry and blackberry
Glass 13

Bottle 49 

Montepulciano D'Abruzzo 
Old world wine making of its finest, nice depth and balance
Glass 13
Bottle 49

Pinot Noir; California
Polished plum and and earthy tones
Glass 13
Bottle 49 

Cabernet Sauvignon; Sonoma
Rich, jammy, blackberry and cherry flavors
Glass 13
Bottle 49

White Wines By The Bottle

Chardonnay, Oberon; Mondavi
Fresh fruit; with hints of cream and a light oaky flavor
Bottle 59

Taburno Falanghina, Masseria Frattasi; Campania
Smooth rich and elegant with melon and citrus flavors 
Bottle 59

Gavi Ascheri; Piemonte
Bold, ripe rich and seductive with earth tone flavors and smooth finish
Bottle 59

Red Wines By The Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon, Oberon; Napa; Mondavi
Deep intense; like crushed grapes oozing out of the glass, rich thick tannins
Bottle 70

Cabernet Sauvignon, Post and Beam; Napa Valley
A ripe, rich full bodied with a plush complex side with tiers of cherry currant
Bottle 90

Toscano Rosso, Querceto; Tuscany
Ruby red delivering a well balanced wine with integrated tannins
Bottle 57

Chianti Riserva; Nozzole, Tuscany
Superior wine with loads of blackberry, full bodied with chewy tanninss
Bottle 68

Chianti Classico Riserva, Ruffino, Tan Label
Polished complex; austere wine, tiers of black cherry, plum and spice; long finish
Bottle 70

Brunello di Montalcino; Caparzo, Tuscany (Best Buy)
Great wine making with ripe blackberry; chocolate character-thick tannins
Bottle 115

Barolo; Ascheri; Piedmont
Great depth of deep ripe cherry with a massive long finish
Bottle 100

Cabernet Sauvignon; Annabelle; Napa Valley

Deep, dark and intense; with layers of plum and currant flavors

Bottle 74

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon; Oakville; Robert Mondavi, Napa

Outstanding vintage; small production, high quality, full bodied, concentrated

Bottle 205

2018 Syrah, Andrew Murra; Santa Ynex Valley

Sleek and elegant with appealing black cherry-raspberry flavors

Bottle 65

Merlot; Raymond R; Napa Valley

Supple with layers of plum; medium bodied rich flavors

Bottle 59

Modus; Super Tuscan, Ruffino; Tuscany

Ruby rich red, Blend

Bottle 72

Crognolo,  Super  Tuscan;  Tuscany

Well made, low yield; with medium thick chewy tannins, long flavorful finish

Bottle 110

Valpolicella,  Ripasso  Superiore,  Soraighe

Jammy Raisins and ripe berries, small winery with great wine making

Bottle 68

Vitiano, Falesco; Umbria

Well blended red, dark fruit flavors of blackberry and plum. Medium bodied.

Bottle 58

Amarone; Casa Bennati, Veneto

Beautiful Amarone. With figs, prune, raisins and chocolate character

Bottle 110

Cabernet Sauvignon; Edge; Alexander Valley

Big, ripe, intense with rich complex layers of currant; elegant yet refined (Signorello Winery)

Bottle 72

Pinot Noir, Meiomi

Clean, smooth with ripe raisins and blueberry notes

Bottle 60

Liquors & Ports

Limoncello, Frangelico, Bayley's, Sambuca,

Grappa, Averna, Campari, Amaretto, Kahlua

Fine Ruby Port


10 Year Tawny Port

Beers and Sparkling water
Peroni    Sam Adams    Coors Light

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, lemonade, ice tea, Ginger Ale, Sprite

Espresso/Americano  5.5
Double Espresso 6.5
Cappuccino 7

Agave Wine Margherita
Made with Agave wine, lemon/lime flavor.

Limoncello Martini

Citron Vodka, Limoncello, lemonade


Espresso Martini

Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua, Baileys, fresh espresso, cream


Aperol Spritz

Aperol, Prosecco, soda



Citron Vodka, Orange liquor, cranberry, fresh lime


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